Sunday, 21 March 2010

I Live in a Beautiful World

There's many thinks I like and dislike about Ireland. I call this country my home from almost 6 years. At my other blog I wrote about Celtic Jewellery. It's one of the thinks I like. I also like that it seems to be so natural and clean. Not in the cities, though. I'm talking about the countryside. It's green and fresh, and you can really forget that it's the 21st century. You can relax just by looking through the window. Of course I wouldn't like to spend my whole life in a countryside. But it's nice to know that when you're tired  by the city rush and stress, there's different world just 30min away.
And that's my Ria Roberts Bambi dress I bought on-line. Almost impossible to get at the moment.
I'm thinking about cutting my hair. I had them that long maybe 15 years ago.