Monday, 26 April 2010

5 things at the moment

1. Crochet
My dear colleague Ewa taught me how to use crochet hook and I love it. I've done my first (small) napkins and am looking for collar patterns. I'm working on a few dresses at the moment and want to add some decorative Victorian collars. Ewa is very talented and showed me her works - she has to open her own Etsy shop and start selling them! I'm sure a lot of people would like to have those amazing table clothes and all other items she makes.

2. Cross stitch
 like crochet and cross stitching the same and try to share my time between both these things. I have so many ideas for clothes, accessories and jewellery and not enough time to make them all! I make my crochet items in the morning and before I go to sleep, and cross stitch/embroidery plus all other projects during the day.

3. Cleaning
Yes - cleaning. I was working in my studio without break for the past few days and had to clean all the mess I did. I need more space! More shelves and drawers to keep all my beads, fabrics, buttons, books, ready and half finished clothes and all other very important things.

4. Muffins
I didn't like muffins until I learnt how to make them myself. Now I bake them almost every day and experiment with different fillings. Well, that means I'll probably get bored by them very soon!

5. Back to school

I decided to finish my education and make accounting course. I'm making some course at the moment but it'll last just 10 weeks. I want something more serious and this morning my invitation for information evening for adult learners arrived. I was thinking about fashion design but it's something I can do without having any studies. Being accountant will keep me employed and well paid and I'll be able to do what I really love in my free time without stress that I have no money to pay my bills. I hope it's the right decision and I won't regret it in a few years time.

I will be making new pictures tomorrow in Galway so expect new post very soon!

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  1. skad ja to znam :) zmalo czasu na wszystkie projekty a kołniezyki radzila bym poszukac na jest pelno albumów z roznymi zdjęciami i wystarczy wpisac odpowiednia frazę po polsku czy angielsku i sa ;D