Monday, 12 April 2010

When a Night Becomes a Day

On the way back home on Sunday we decided to check what is on the mountain in Silvermines. We walked in a beautiful Knockanroe Forest, admired a view of the town and took some pictures. It was pipping hot (19 degrees!) and so bright that it was difficult to make a good picture. I had to hide in shade. I really forgot how it is when it's so hot you don't want to move and just lay in hammock and drink ice tea. I was wearing my Asos sequin skirt that I've shown here already. I've added it to my everyday clothes. It's so dressy that too much accessories could make the whole set too exaggerated so I only added horse necklace watch and rose belt.
Last week I started to make my first cross stitch design. It takes so much time! It's a rose and I'm thinking now how to use it. Maybe I'll sew it on a summer dress or stick it on a notepad. I've seen really pretty cross stitch flowers made into finger rings. I'd love to make something like this myself. If anyone knows any website with DIY jewellery projects - please share it with me. I also found someone who will teach me how to crochet. It's so exciting. It would be lovely to know a few people with creative souls and DIY skills to meet regularly and share ideas and knowledge. Something like housewives club. Maybe it'll materialise in the future.

knockanroe forest


  1. I like your ourfits!! You are a really stylish girl!

    The red dress in the firts photo is so nice!

    I follow you ;)


  2. Alice in wonderland! Tak mi się skojarzyło. Pozytywnie ofc!