Tuesday, 4 May 2010

It may be May but it feels like March

This sequin skirt was buried in my wardrobe for ages. It's cold today and I needed something yellow and bright to cheer me up. My Etsy shop is up and running and I'll be adding more items this week. I'm working on a lovely flower cross stitch headbands and brooches. Some of them are so pretty that I'll feel sad to let them go. May will be a busy month for me. I have my first part of exam (accounting) this week and at the end theory test for driving licence. I look forward for having my own car as it's almost impossible to get anywhere without one. Especially in the early morning. Public communication isn't best where I live now. 




  1. a mi się podoba Twoja chusta, powodzenia na egzaminach!

  2. Co prawda nie rozumiem tego, co jest napisane, ale to co jest sfotografowane bardzo mi się podoba. Szczególnie zestawienie spódniczki z szalem :)