Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A Day in Pictures - 2

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

almost 9:00 - I was going to sleep at least until 10am today but those lovely cats didn't let me. And yes - I have a beautiful view from my window.

9:30am - I found a small package with some hair pins when I went downstairs to get something to eat.

about 10am - Breakfast! I have some time before going out to revise what I've learnt yesterday evening (I have an exam in December).

12am - The only reason why I left the house today was my dearest friend getting an award for her exam results. The venue took place in the Westbury Hotel. Congrats!

2pm - A quick picture (taken in the loo! very classy!) before other reason to get out - shopping! No, I didn't make any effort to look good today. And yes, I have fringe. Hell, why not?

3pm - Grafton Street, Dublin.

4.30pm - Chai tea and hot chocolate in Insomnia.

7.30pm - Back at home and spending some time with my new fabrics. This one will be a dress.

11.30pm - Time to go to sleep. But first a few pages of a book I bought a few weeks ago. 


  1. Jedzonko wygląda bardzo apetycznie a foto z nowym materiałem bardzo mnie zaciekawiła!!! Czekam więc na rezultaty!!! POZDRAWIAM

  2. jedzenie wygląda fantastycznie

  3. bardzo miło mi się oglądało zdjęcia, a pierwsze z kotami to mój faworyt :)

  4. The fringe suits you so well, really pretty <3

    I love Grafton St.! xx

  5. mniam, mniam głodna zrobiłam się przez Ciebie:)