Monday, 18 July 2011


This weekend I spent with a friend in Trim. We went to see a castle famous for being starred in Mel Gibson's 'Braveheart'. Unfortunatelly, Irish weather is unpredictable so after taking a few shots we had to run away  from a heavy rain. We hoped for a sunny 2 days but it was anyway worth to go there. The only question is - where's the famous 'the hottest Irish summer in a century'? I'm going to Poland soon anyway so I'll have a lot of it. 
The summer sales are almost over but I didn't even notice them. I only bought shoes in Clarks - not too fancy but so comfortable. After finishing my exams (the very exciting accounting) I was going to do nothing until late autumn but I just have too much energy. I decided to take a second job and came back to the best team in the world. I now divide my time between running from one part of Dublin to the other, I work on new projects for my shop (I'm going to close Malina Studio and open second shop with different name), travel as much as possible and try to do 1000 other thinks I now have time for. I'm also looking forward for the best holidays with my family and few other things I'm going to start after my return. Life's sweet!

A song of this summer (love it!) :  Heathers - Remember When

(please can somebody tell me how to paste only link to youtube video without the video? I'm totally useless with it)

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