Sunday, 4 August 2013

Rose Petals Honey

I saw it at Karolina's blog and thought I'll give it a try. To make Rose Petals Honey all you need is:
  • a jar
  • honey (I used Tesco's organic set honey)
  • roses
Don't use roses bought at the florist because it'll contain all the nasty stuff that's sprayed on them to keep them fresh / keep bugs away. It's best to use roses from the garden (your own or your neighbour's).

Add petals to the jar.

Cover with honey. Add more petals. Repeat as many times as needed.

And that's it! It won't look as nice as on these pictures after a couple of days so I'll let you discover that yourself. And I can't really say it tastes of roses. I think it's more about the fact of doing it out of something pink and sweet that matters. Next time I'm going to add some more flavour, maybe thyme, cinnamon or cardamom. Everyone can create their favourite flavour. I used on my sandwiches and instead of sugar in my tea.

Zobaczyłam go na blogu Karoliny (link wyżej) i uznałam, że sama spróbuję. Aby zrobić Różany Miód potrzebujesz miód (!), słoik i płatki róż. Lepiej nie używać kwiatów z kwiaciarni, tylko takie z ogrodu. Wszystko razem zmieszać i odstawić na parę dni. Prawdę mówiąc miód wcale nie smakuję różami i następnym razem dodam tymianek, cynamon albo kardamon.

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