Sunday, 25 August 2013

Shutterbug Vintage Clothing Kilo Sale Dublin

It was the first time I went for the vintage clothes kilo sale organized at Moxie Studios in Dublin by Kilkenny's Shutterbug Vintage shop. As a regular visitor of second hand and vintage shops in Dublin I know that selling per kilo NEVER happens here, especially with the vintage items. While it's popular in other countries, in Ireland you can buy used and vintage clothes only with the price tag (and not a small one). At Shatterbug's Vintage Sale it was 20EUR per kilo which means you could get yourself a good few items without empting your account.

The sale started at 11am on Saturday but we (as I was joined by my little brother and his girlfriend) were there at around 9.30am. I expected a huge queue at this time and tried to persuade them to be there even earlier, but there were only a few vintage lovers waiting when we arrived. People started gathering about 20min later... The queue grew fast with more people coming in every minute. As we waited, the amazing staff brought out chairs and treated us with a coconut water (well, that's a customer service!) while security guy handed over a huge Ikea bags.
I have to say I didn't expect a lot. I told my brother to look for some nicely embellished items and hoped to find one or two dresses I could adjust to my size (I'm quite small and short). When they finally opened the door that's what I did find...

(why oh why I didn't take you home...)

WOW! I can only say that the first couple of minutes were madness... That's when I snapped most of the items I took home. The bag I brought with me was quickly getting full, hangers were quickly getting empty, I was being pushed and my camera almost crashed. I grabbed so many clothes I could not not lift them all up... It was time for the changing room and that's where I was stacked for a good 40min (while others ransacked the best pieces...). If I could change anything, I'd add more mirrors in between the hangers on the floor. There was not enough changing rooms for this amount of people and we used communal space with 2 mirrors in a large room (after waiting forever in a queue). If there were mirrors around I'd just pull the clothes up over the ones I was wearing without going to the changing room (time counts and everything was disappearing very very quickly!). The good thing is that I could sneak on at other girls' finds and grab some of the stuff left by them on the hangers beside the changing area. Anyway even with the long waiting everybody patiently waited for their turn. The staff was again amazing and run between us like a busy bees. 

(look at these nylon soup leggings...)

I left with 3kg of clothes. For only 60EUR I got myself more than I ever expected. All in perfect condition and with perfect fit. Some of them you can see in the pictures, about the others I'll be thinking for the next couple of weeks (why of why I haven't taken them!). What it is I will show next time (sneak-peak on my instagram here). The whole event was well organised, with the chairs, coconut water and large bags handed over to us at the beginning, food and drink stalls outside, DJ playing in the inside, amazing staff and tons of beautiful vintage clothes. It's only a pity I couldn't go through them all...

 all pictures taken by me

you can find Shutterbug's facebook page here and their website here

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  2. oh jakie wspaniale rzeczy! jak czetso jest taka wyprzedaz?

    obserwacja za obserwacje? zapraszam!

  3. I loved this sale last year in Dublin! Left with about 5 things (all of which I wear!) for €24, very pleased with myself! It's a pity that there aren't more affordable ways, such as this, when it comes to vintage clothing! Great job, can't wait to see your purchases ;) x

  4. aschaaa - co parę miesięcy